NWA has further spread its CSR reach to the Indonesian island of Bali, announced CEO Mr Alain Fanaie, as we sent our CSR representative in June 2015 to join the local NGO of Bali Life for two weeks of full time work and dedication to the NGO's three ongoing projects

Bali Life Foundation (Indonesia)
Women's Center

At the women's center, Bali Life provides destitute and widowed women who have come from nearby villages to Bali in the hopes of finding work with a new set of skills. They are taught English, sewing, cooking and are guided to find a job by the heartwarming staff and volunteers at the center. 

Children's Center

The children's center is the residence for Bali Life's orphans who all go to public and private schools during the day and live back at the residence with all their brothers and sisters and Bali Life staff who are their aunties and uncles. We have come to know many talented children, not only in terms of academic intellect but also in the arts as many of them choreograph and take part in dance performances and others play the guitar and sing. 

Street Kid's Center

The street kids center is located further away from the two previous centers as it caters to the needs of street kids who operate and live predominantly in the busy streets of Denpasar. The center is open to any child regardless of his/her background and mostly provides basic education skills to street children who are not enrolled in school as well as an area of fun and games for them to play. It is worth mentioning that NWA's representative has proudly contributed to painting afresh the street kids center during our on the ground outreach!

Bali Life is doing a fantastic job with these three projects and we wish them all the best at bettering the lives of Bali's locals who are sometimes forgotten amongst the touristic and luxurious frenzy Bali exudes.

A child's smile speaks a thousand words. 

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